This service aims to offer easy access to recommended texts for taught courses and to support the University's e-learning strategy. Added benefits include the ability for students to link directly to library holdings or to electronic resources, and for staff to be able to edit the lists directly online.

The advantages of this system are:

For academic staff:

  • Easy to maintain lists of recommended texts
  • Ability to link from module web pages, Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), etc.
  • Ability to annotate and sequence lists according to teaching patterns
  • Access is restricted to university staff and students to protect your intellectual property

For students:

  • A list of recommended texts linked to the library catalogue to show current holdings and availability
  • Searchable by lecturer name, module name or module code

For library staff:

  • Comprehensive representation of academic staff requirements for each semester
  • Accurate bibliographic details

Key features of this system

  • Students can search by lecturer name, module name or module code
  • Reading lists are maintained online with links to entries in the library catalogue
  • Input is by web based form which allows annotating and sequencing
  • Linking to the catalogue is via ISBN or ISSN
  • Lists can be linked from module pages (or VLEs)
  • Library staff are alerted to amendments to lists
  • Lists can be configured in a printer friendly format which can be used as handouts

Further information

For further information please contact library or the project manager, Jumei.Zhang.